The Snowy Acoustic Guitar

Available as part of the Onomatopoeia Series
Full Kontakt (Minimum) Required
1,622 individual samples

9 unique and blendable articulations
-Cloth Muted, 4 round robins of cloth muted samples 
-Picked, 4 round robins of plectrum picked samples 
-Thumb Picked Cassette Processed, 4 round robins of gently thumb plucked cassette tape processed samples 
-E-Bow Swells, 4 round robins of swelling e-bow samples naturally decaying 
-Tremolo Plectrum Picked, set of tremolo plectrum picked samples
-Tremolo Finger Picked, set of tremolo finger picked samples
-Adjustable Timed Reverse Pluck, 4 round robins of adjustable timed reverse plucks samples 
-Release, 4 round robins of string noise release samples for enhanced realism
-Tape Noise, add an additional layer of tape hiss on top of samples

Built in FX
-Attack and Release
-3 band EQ
-IR Reverbs
-Tape Emulation
-Tube Saturation
-High Pass Filter
-Low Pass Filter
-Adjustable Synch Timing Volume Oscillator
-Adjustable Synch Timing Pan Oscillator
-Transient Master

Built in Adjustable Arpeggiator and Glide Functionality