Download The Onomatopoeia Series and Portmanteau Series


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Onomatopoeia and Portmanteau


Includes all 31 Virtual Instruments

Onomatopoeia Series
8.32 GB Uncompressed
Minimum 6.6.1 Full Kontakt Required
Includes 14 Virtual Instruments
  Sunset - Ambient Lapsteel
  The Rainbow - Nostalgic Textures
  The Unsilenceable Belfry - Oud
  To The Clouds - Dream Pop Electric Guitar
  So Was Night Born - Ukulele
  A Voice From the Farm - Electric Bass
  The Ocean of Song - Synth
  In The Meadow - Modern Classical Toy Piano
  To A Butterfly - Mandolin
  Ragged Moon - Piano
  Snow - Acoustic Guitar
  Morning Song of the Bees - Bells
  Azaleas - Strings
  The Daisies - Didier Drum Kit

Portmanteau Series
8.46 GB Uncompressed
Minimum 6.6.1 Full Kontakt Required
Includes 17 Virtual Instruments
  A Vow to Mars - Drum Kit
  Aboard at a Ship's Helm - Ukulele
  Art and Heart - Palm Muted Violin Bass
  Bond and Free - Violin Bass
  Eletelephony - Nostalgic Textures Portmanteau Samples
  Fra Mauro - Nostalgic Hits
  Her Lips are Copper Wire - Piano
  Hyperion - Drum Kit
  Morning Has Broken - Pump Organ
  Mountain Pines - Classical Guitar
  Nothing Gold Can Stay - Accordion
  Ptolemy - Nostalgic Hits
  Skeleton Hand - Air Organ
  Street Light - Organs
  The Brain - Percussion
  Watermark - Electric Piano
  You're Just Nothing - Electric Guitar