portmanteau series

The Rainbow Nostalgic Textures
Ragged Moon Piano 2.0
Hyperion Drums
Her Lips Are Copper Wires Piano
Eletelephony Nostalgic Textures
I Wrung My Hands Vocal Shorts
Skeleton Hand Air Organ
Street Lights Organ Sustains
Street Lights Organ Shorts
Street Lights Organ Drums
The Voice of Things Vocal Sustains
Nothing Gold Can Stay Accordion
Bond and Free Violin/Beatle Bass
Morning Has Broken Organ
Watermark Electric Piano
You’re Just Nothing Electric Guitar
The Brain Percussion
Aboard At A Ship’s Helm Ukulele
Art and Heart Palm Muted Violin Bass
Fra Mauro Nostalgic Hits
Ptolemy Nostalgic Hits
Mountain Pines Classical Guitar
A Vow to Mars Drums

onomatopoeia series

Dream Pop Electric Guitar
The Snowy Acoustic Guitar
The Ocean of Song Synth
Modern Classical Toy Piano
Azaleas Strings
Emotional Ukulele
Extinct Languages
Expanse Bass
Monarch Mandolin
The Didier Kit
Blue Languages
Swarm of Bells
The Diaspora Oud
Ambient Lapsteel
Ragged Moon Piano
Unknown Languages