Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam – Voices from the Field

Available as part of the Portmanteau Series
Full Kontakt 7.4 (Minimum) Required
93 individual samples
278.5 MB Uncompressed

4 Mix Slots for loading 80 different Source Samples

Built in FX
-Attack and Release
-Pre and Post 3 band EQ
-High Pass Filter
-Low Pass Filter
-IR Reverbs
-Plate Reverb
-Tape Warble and Selectable Hiss Overlay Samples
-Tape Saturation and Tape Warmth
-Replika Delay
-Psyche Delay
-3 Distortion pedals
-Adjustable Synch Timing Volume Oscillator
-Adjustable Synch Timing Pan Oscillator
-Tube Compressor
-Wah Filter
-Stereo Spread
-Built in Arpeggiator
-Amp and Cabinet Simulator
-Transparent Limiter