Nuisance Rules

Rules for both side A and Side B

- You’ve got one full day, 24 hours, to write and sing all words for this piece(s) of music. - 6 songs per side
- No redos or overdubs after you send me what you did that day.
- You may not use "I" or "You" in these songs. 
- Do as many vocal tracks as you want, but NO DOUBLES or comp tracks.
- work in references to a fruit as much as possible.

Side A Special Rules - 

Lyrical Adventures.
- Don’t think hard about the following question - Split Second first thing in your mind: What is the first non - English speaking country you’d like to visit? Ok, now look up how you say beautiful or pretty in a/the language there and turn that into a la-la-la kind of part somewhere. 
- No story telling. 
- Work in a call and response with yourself
- Sing something from a magazine, or book, or pamphlet, or cardboard box to piece of mail you find your house or wherever you are (this does not have to adhere to the future tense rule). Limit, if you’ve looked at 3 items and are struggling to find a line you can’t look for anything else and have to choose.
-Use some big words that most people wouldn't know the definitions of.

Vocal Challenges
- One song must be sung entirely in falsetto
- Any and all mouth trumpets or other vocalization woos, hoos, bops, beeps, are encouraged
- Sing a song where you kind of mumble through it so people can't really make out the words that readily.  

Side B Special Rules - 

Lyrical Adventures..
-Write a Haiku (5-7-5) about your general feelings toward Side A. Those are now lyrics to a track. 
-Get your shazam app handy in case you need to reference later. Ok. Find a radio. Maybe you need to go to your car. Turn the radio on. Switch to a random station with a song playing - first song you hear, no changing. What is the concept of the song? Use that as the concept of a track. 
-Sing a song about a character. 
- Rhyme Rhyme Rhyme.

Vocal Diversity Challenge.
-Sing at least one track in a hush breathy voice close to the mic. Don’t rely on your usual volume or tone. Very soft and very close to the mic.
-Get raw, and loud and emotional. Don’t be shy. 

Other stuff
-add a breathing or mouth sound rhythm track somewhere to a track.
-Pick a song and DON’T sing on it at all, but feel free to add any sounds with your mouth. Instrumental track.