Ryan E. Weber, AKA REW<<, originally hails from the snowy western shores of Lake Michigan. Some days he can be found roaming subterranean tunnels under the American Capital, others basking in So. Cal. sun. REW<< has itself been the vehicle for a number of styles and sounds, with visions experimental and ambitious.

On Nyasa et Lilian REW<< continues to explore his own poetic devices’ virtual instruments, which he designed and recorded and will be offering in conjunction with the album release. The works are centered largely around a felted piano which itself was abandoned in his childhood home by former tenants, then lovingly restored and recorded with various treatments. All the recordings along with custom reverbs were created in an empty one room schoolhouse in the countryside. Aside from the piano which anchors the works to a fixed point, all of REW<<‘s devices are on display floating in and out adding lush depth and nostalgic intimacy.

Other REW<< releases: